Client: Private  |  Cleveland, OH  |  2018

Overlooking the Towpath Trail currently under construction on the eastern edge of Tremont, the proposed project at the northeast corner of West 5th Street & Jefferson Avenue consists of 10 new, fee simple townhomes and a new 2-story mixed use building containing retail and two affordable condominiums.

Serving as the literal foundation of the new mixed use structure built atop it, the existing building’s masonry walls become exposed as Jefferson Avenue slopes down towards the Flats and Towpath. A bike shop located in the existing building for decades will condense its showroom to the basement of the new mixed use structure, becoming clearly visible by cyclists and pedestrians entering Tremont from the Towpath. An outdoor space atop the existing foundation on the east side of the building creates a unique opportunity for patio seating.

Located between the mixed-use building and Towpath Trail ten new townhomes offering views and direct access to the bikeway, as well as sweeping views of the Downtown skyline, Flats and steel mills. To avoid interruption of the pedestrian linkage from the Towpath to W5th Street and the whole of Tremont, the existing curbcut location on West 5th Street will be utilized as the access point for all garage access to the townhomes, with no vehicular connection to Jefferson Avenue. Along the Jefferson frontage will be two buildings containing three townhomes, each with large front porches, 2nd floor outdoor spaces and a variation of materials to properly animate the new urban fabric. The western building is clad in composite panels of black and cyan, with the eastern building clad in corrugated weathering steel and shiplapped cedar.