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Private High School  |  Cleveland, OH  |  Under Construction

Founded by the Benedictine Monks of Cleveland atop the highest point in the City, Benedictine High School and St. Andrew's Abbey have been an anchor of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood since 1927. Nearly a century later the school has embarked on a new construction effort to refocus the sprawling campus. More specifically, they sought to embrace the physical, visual and spiritual connection between the school and abbey by replacing an aging parking lot with a new campus green and atrium.

The atrium is tasked with many roles, one of which is to create a new visual focus to the campus. Most of the older educational structures are clad in brick and sandstone typical of their vintage, while additions from the 70's and 80's are decidedly more modern. These constructs define the perimeter of the new campus green to form a nearly contiguous facade of heavy masonry, yet each maintains its own autonomy.

The atrium seeks to accentuate its own individual character by way of color palette and functional/visual porosity. Functionally, at ground level, it is organized to act as the primary entry into the school while also allowing passage from the southern portion of campus to the northern. The second floor establishes an uninterrupted circulation path between the east and west wings, while offering open student lounge spaces. Visually, large expanses of glazing instigate views into, out of and through the structure. These transparent surfaces are offset by masonry volumes that specifically stray from the current tapestry of color on campus. In solidarity with its surroundings however, the thin atrium roof plane matches the parapet of one adjacent structure while remaining subservient in height to another.

Expected Completion - Summer 2022

benedictine night 001benedictine night 001
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_11_north entrancehorton-harper_benedictine atrium_11_north entrance
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_8_zoomed out imagehorton-harper_benedictine atrium_8_zoomed out image
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_9_turned back viewhorton-harper_benedictine atrium_9_turned back view
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_1c_site planhorton-harper_benedictine atrium_1c_site plan
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_5a_north elevationhorton-harper_benedictine atrium_5a_north elevation
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_4a_south elevationhorton-harper_benedictine atrium_4a_south elevation
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_6a_section 1horton-harper_benedictine atrium_6a_section 1
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_7_section 2horton-harper_benedictine atrium_7_section 2
horton-harper_benedictine atrium_2a_first floor planhorton-harper_benedictine atrium_2a_first floor plan