horton-harper_hauser residence_01 South Duskhorton-harper_hauser residence_01 South Dusk


Private Residence  |  Cleveland Heights, OH  |  2023

Photography:   Peter Larson     -     Horton Harper Architects     -     Certified LEED Silver

This simple 2-story structure offers a contemporary counterpoint to the 1920's vintage neighborhood defined by its center stair colonial homes. The abstract volume creates a heirarchy of spaces while reflecting the setbacks, scale and materials of the street. On a more granular level, inverted corners offer a break to the horizontal plane of painted wood cladding. The 1,300sf interior is a restrained palette which allows one to focus on the varied geometry and ever changing landscape beyond.


hauser site plan_v1hauser site plan_v1
horton-harper_hauser residence_02 West Dayhorton-harper_hauser residence_02 West Day
horton-harper_hauser residence_03 SW Duskhorton-harper_hauser residence_03 SW Dusk
horton-harper_hauser residence_04 Inthorton-harper_hauser residence_04 Int
horton-harper_hauser residence_08 Inthorton-harper_hauser residence_08 Int
horton-harper_hauser residence_05 Inthorton-harper_hauser residence_05 Int
horton-harper_hauser residence_06 Inthorton-harper_hauser residence_06 Int
horton-harper_hauser residence_07 Inthorton-harper_hauser residence_07 Int
hauser plans_v1hauser plans_v1
hauser elevation 2hauser elevation 2
hauser elevation 1hauser elevation 1
hauser section 1hauser section 1
hauser elevation 3+4hauser elevation 3+4
hauser section 2+3hauser section 2+3