Horton_harper_catania_Court-8a_no stickersHorton_harper_catania_Court-8a_no stickers


Client: Cleveland Bricks  |  Cleveland, OH  |  2017
Photography: Christian Phillips Photography

Spearheaded by Tremont West Development Corporation and Enterprise Green Community Partners, four vacant parcels along the southern edge of Tremont have been earmarked for redevelopment that conforms to the newly adapted Enterprise Green Communities guidelines for sustainability, density and affordability. Although the two buildings are detached for simplicity of form, the individual units maintain autonomy with pitched roof construction and alternating setbacks along the sidewalk. Typical features such as gutters, downspouts, copings and window sills, often visually minimized in similarly modern units, further add to the facades’ geometry and three-dimensional qualities.

Horton_harper_catania_Court-9_no stickersHorton_harper_catania_Court-9_no stickers
Horton_harper_catania_Court-10_no stickersHorton_harper_catania_Court-10_no stickers