Client: Sidoris Holdings  |  Cleveland  |  2018

A study in the complex geometries created by the City's zoning code, this two-building, three-unit project maximizes the buildable area of the site while creating a contextual response to an architecturally diverse portion of the Tremont neighborhood. The 2-unit structure that faces West 5th Street is the direct result of an obscure front yard setback guideline that allows a diagonal line to be extended at a specific angle from an existing adjacent structure. With this datum in place, the building's front facade is designed to exist at this line to facilitate rear loaded garages, an additional living unit in the rear of the parcel, and objectively sculpting the street facing units. The facade is then broken down through the definition of individual unit entries and in one case the addition of a 2nd floor balcony. The exterior is clad in a single material, nickel gap cypress planks, further defining the subtractive geometry. The weathering steel-clad third unit also takes the zoning code to it limits with 3' setbacks and an inset entry along the north facade.