Client: Brickhaus Partners  |  Beachwood, OH  |  Under Construction

Located in Beachwood and consisting of 12 fee simple units, Twenty Four Hundred is a contextual reinterpretation of the suburban cluster-home. The municipality mandated that the project share similar architectural features to the adjacent development. As a result, the design calls attention to a series of architectural elements often used in traditional wood framed construction, such as the gable, dormer, and porch. Bold asymmetrical gable roofs define the exterior profile of the buildings as well as the dramatic, vaulted living spaces. The unique gables are made possible through the use of complex pre-engineered wood trusses. Dormers are either pushed to the front of the homes to articulate the verticality of the facade or shifted to the back to add volume to the 2nd floor. The front doors are recessed to define the entry while the porch is relocated to the 2nd floor, allowing for a sheltered outdoor gathering space for large groups. Although each residence has an identical footprint, each building is given a unique identity through its primary exterior cladding.

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Horton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-10-site planHorton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-10-site plan
Horton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-12-section 2Horton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-12-section 2
Horton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-13-section 1aHorton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-13-section 1a
Horton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-14-section 3aHorton_harper_architects_twenty-four-hundred-14-section 3a